Understanding research and knowledge systems in the Somali regions

The roundtable brought together members of the Somali research and development community, representatives from the Kenyan research community, and representatives from research funding and supporting organizations. Participants included representatives of research institutes, universities, NGOs, and associated networks.  

The roundtable aimed to improve understandings of research and knowledge systems in the Somali context, and sought to address a series of related questions:

  • Where does capacity for research already exist in the region?
  • What constraints are there to doing, communicating and using research in the region?
  • Which organizations are active in which parts of the region, and on what issues or themes?
  • How could research and knowledge better support Somalia needs in aspects of both policy and practice?

This report draws out some of the key themes and ideas which emerged during the discussions. They are unattributed, and do not necessarily represent a consensus view.  A further profile of the research and knowledge system in the Somali regions, commissioned by INASP prior to this event and written by Faduma Abukar Mursal, Abdullahi Odowa and Jason Mosley is available at: www.inasp.info/en/publications/details/220/

Report of a roundtable convened by INASP and the Rift Valley Institute


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