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Call for Proposal for research on Vulnerability & Resilience in Somalia

Name of the Research: Vulnerability & Resilience in Somalia

Budget : upto  £ 75,000

Proposal Submission Deadline: 26 April 2018


Somalia has experienced several periods of famine and regular food crises (mainly in 1991‐1992, 2006, 2008 and 2011).[i] Existing research shows that Somalia’s indicators of humanitarian wellbeing (e.g., prevalence of food insecurity and malnutrition) have been markedly poor compared to those in other countries.[ii] Many areas of Somalia continued to report extremely high malnutrition figures in mid-2017, and have seen very large levels of population displacement, following famine early warning messages of early 2017. The current humanitarian crisis is taking place only six years after the major famine of 2011, which was declared by the United Nations as the worst in decades.[iii] An estimated 3.1 million people (25 percent of the population) are expected to be in crisis or emergency through the end of 2017.......More in the TOR


The aim of this study is to explore vulnerability and resilience during shocks, and its relationship to international engagement focused on responding to humanitarian crisis and building resilience in Somalia.......More in the TOR

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